Jeannie's Red Standard Poodles
& Pasofino Farm
Welcome to Jeannie's Red Poodle & Pasofino Farm site!

We created this site in order to show our gorgeous animals
that were raised here in beautiful Altoona, Florida.
Please email for all details on the new litter of Standard Poodle Puppies

Murphy a rare Red Standard Poodle which is the handsome &
sweet dad of this litter:
To visit the paso site, click on "Elana" below to see more.
This is our beautiful
No more puppies!
Hello Poodle people, I have bred Poodles for almost 20 years on a
small scale with  very little down time. This is my last litter ever, I
have decided to end my breeding program for a number of reasons. I
want to travel, work more with my dogs and not worry about the
welfare of the dogs I bring into the world..
I could boast of the many  amazing dogs we have introduced into the
world… but anyone who follows us knows this  already.
Congratulations to you all.  I find there is enough awesome Red
Poodle breeders (I could  recommend ) Just ask.